Our Caregiver Philosophy

Competent & Reliable Caregivers

Quality Care, Starts with Exceptional Caregivers

Lucky Dove’s promise is heavily built around the quality and competency of its caregivers. Our caregivers are people with the highest levels of compassion, integrity, empathy, and respect. We continuously strive to elevate our entire company’s performance and constantly raise the bar for caregiving quality with professional training that commences from onboarding and continues on an ongoing basis at Lucky Dove Home Care.  The result is unparalleled caregiving service like no other.  We call it the Lucky Dove Experience.


Professionally Trained Caregivers

We are committed to transforming the home care industry by constantly providing insightful and highly engaging professional training to our caregivers.

Our screening and training ensures that our caregivers are highly skilled to provide care to the elderly and other individuals who have disabilities, injuries, illnesses and other conditions that may require the assistance of a caregiver.


  • To exhaustively train caregivers using tested and proven industry techniques to enhance provision of exceptional home care services to our clients.
  • Provide professional training to ensure highly competent qualifications to administer an extensive range of in-home care services.
  • Carefully engage our employees to fully understand their needs and also provide the needed support to help them succeed in their careers.
  • To strengthen our vision of being a reliable partner in provision of home care services, amid rapid changes in the industry.
  • Expertly establish the right caregiver-client match to provide consistent, quality and reliable care.

Our Service is unparalleled In the Industry

We are cognizant that the caregiver selected will be part of your or your loved one’s daily life. Our proven matching capabilities helps to forge a long-lasting relationship and the provision of cutting-edge care, effortlessly.

Through this approach, we affirm our model “don’t leave home, we come to you” and we commit ourselves to make your home the best environment through provision of quality care, with compassion, empathy, integrity and utmost respect.


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