Most frequent questions and answers

Lucky Dove Home Care was started with a purpose and promise to make a meaningful difference in the home care community by being a reliable, trustworthy and a generous home care agency. We gain the trust of our clients by being transparent and extremely considerate with our profit margins which is very limited. Regardless of your assets, net worth or salary, we refuse to take unfair advantage of our clients. Our goal is to help families and their loved ones by providing optimal care 24/7. We do this by offering our caregivers premium wages in addition to other incentives so that they feel valued to work for Lucky Dove so that they in turn provide premium services to you/our clients. We also offer competitive client rates because we understand the financial burden so many families have when having to care for a loved one.

The process isn’t difficult. You can give us a call at 843-800-8189 or email us at [email protected] to reach us and schedule a free in-home assessment. There are no long term binding contracts but our Care Manager will have a client agreement ready for you to sign during or immediately following the in-home assessment.

Absolutely not. You are not locked into a long term contract; instead, we have you sign a formal agreement that you can opt out of at any time you choose to cancel services with us.

We typically ask for a full month security deposit. The deposit will be applied towards any outstanding debt you owe at the end of service and the remainder will be refunded. We periodically run promotions in which the security deposit may be waived.

Yes, a local staff member is always available to answer calls day or night 365 days a year, including 366 days on leap years 😊 You will be provided with a direct phone number to the CEO and/or 1 of our Care Managers after signing up.

No. We put an immense amount of effort into recruiting and training our caregivers which comes at an expense in numerous ways. In addition, taking our valued caregivers away from us jeopardizes the structure of our business in a major way which we’ve worked so hard to build up as a local business. We operate Lucky Dove with utmost level of integrity and honesty and we expect our clients to have similar morals.

Prior to service being started, depending on the agreement, there may be a buyout option. If that happens, it’s important to understand liability risks will now be on you and you will also be responsible to reporting income taxes. Failing to cover all bases could result in a major legal issues which is why we highly suggest consulting with an attorney if these steps are taken.

We believe each individual family should ultimately make the decision on what they believe is best for their loved ones. Sometimes assistant living may be the best option but, more often than not, families prefer to keep their loved ones in the place they’re most familiar with which is HOME. Imagine being relocated to an unfamiliar environment. That can have a negative impact on a person mental and physical health, which that person is likely already in a vulnerable state.

Lucky Dove Home Care offers 24/7 home care as well as live in care for those clients who can not be left alone. During our complementary in-home care assessment, our Care Manager will let you know if institutional living may be the better option.

If you need assistance with daily living activities minus anything medical in nature such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, medications administered, vital signs checked, etc., your doctor will not have to prescribe home care. All of the services we provide does not require a doctor to prescribe.

We often hear about the stress many family members endure while having an elderly loved one who needs assistance with daily living activities. That is often a reason family members take that step to bring in additional outside help. Since your father is a bit resistant, one possible solution is telling your dad it will take an immense amount of stress off of you by having a “helper” come in once a week to help with some of the things that you’ve been helping him (your dad) around with the house with. This is a more subtle approach to get Lucky Dove’s feet in the door. You can then gradually add more and more hours as your dad becomes comfortable with the caregiver.

Private Pay/Self Pay is currently the only payment option we accept which can be paid using cash, debit card, credit card or bank transfer.

There are also grant programs that will reimburse you for limited home care such as for respite care.

We provide professional training in compliance with state regulations to ensure our caregivers are highly qualified to administer an extensive range of in-home care services. We continuously strive to elevate our entire company’s performance and constantly raise the bar for caregiving quality with professional training that commences from onboarding and continues on an ongoing basis at Lucky Dove Home Care. 

Yes. We always arrange for a meet and greet prior to the caregivers first day.

Lucky Dove believes an important part of our services is being consistent and we make every effort to send the caregiver with whom you are familiar. If your regular caregiver is unable to work a scheduled shift due to illness or some other emergency, we will do everything possible to find a suitable substitute. Naturally, we will keep you informed of any changes.  You may choose to cancel service for that visit if your regular caregiver is unable to come as scheduled.  

There are A LOT of responsibilities that come with hiring a private caregiver. Some families ignore those responsibility which drastically increases the risks the family could be faced with. First, if you have any control over the caregiver such as a schedule they must adhere to, that alone is enough evidence for IRS standards to deem the worker as an employee regardless if you have a signed contract with the caregiver stating otherwise. You are required to report income taxes for any employees you have and failing to do so can result in a lot of penalties and fees FOR YOU. You may be thinking, “If I don’t report income taxes, how will the IRS ever find out the caregiver is working for me?”. There are a number of ways the IRS may become aware of the tax evasion in situations similar to this, therefore the risk to avoid paying taxes is very high!

Although not required, getting insurance is prudent. Private caregivers very rarely carry their own professional insurance. You may be liable if the caregiver gets hurt on your property. Your caregiver will not be eligible for worker’s compensation and does not receive other benefits. That means, if a caregiver has been injured while working in your home, you could be responsible for paying medical expenses and lost wages until they can return to work. In addition, hiring a private caregiver usually means you wouldn’t be covered in cases of theft, fraud, property damage, or abuse.

Lucky Dove Home Care has liability coverage and worker’s compensation. We also have a reputable payroll company that makes sure we are in compliance with all federal, state and Social Security tax laws.

Lucky Dove Home Care leadership team has dozens of years of experience within the Health and Wellness sector. We started Lucky Dove Home Care because we wanted to revolutionize the home care industry where the demand for service will be profoundly higher in the coming years. Our plan from day one has been to build a home care agency that families can truly rely on. We’ve implemented a successful strategy to achieve this which sets us apart. Our primary focus is always on our client’s needs and providing the best service possible.

Our office is located in Mt Pleasant, SC but our coverage area extends into all of Charleston County, Berkeley County and Dorchester County.

Lucky Dove Home Care is locally owned and operated. We have built this agency from the ground up.

Yes. Lucky Dove Home Care provides services in many nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, and other settings.

Yes. We follow all state regulations which mandates we carry liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation.

Yes, one of our Care Managers will conduct a free in-home assessment to learn more about the needs of the person needing care as well as perform a site assessment to evaluate any risks and things that may be hazardous. They will also collect other necessary information needed prior to starting service with Lucky Dove Home Care.


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