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At the Heart of In-Home Care

The Lucky Dove Philosophy

People deserve to be valued. They deserve to be cared for. They have the right to age in place. These beliefs are at the heart of Lucky Dove’s ideals as we strive to be the team that does not just care for but cares about. We aim to be the best home care service provider.

An elderly woman and a younger. Their faces are next to each other and they are smiling.
Image by Tania Van den Berghen from Pixabay

Care has a meaning. It’s not just about dealing with the physical needs of the elderly and those with special needs. Care means dealing with all the needs a person has. The need for compassion, affirmation, and friendship as well as eating, bathing, and dressing. Not all our clients need physical support, but they all need to know that are cared about. Care means reinforcing and reinvigorating those people who need to know they are cared about and not just cared for.

Of course, we do physical care like dressing injuries and changing diapers. We care for injuries and those who suffer from Parkinson’s, and we do it well. We like to think we do it better because we care about those we serve. Our philosophy was developed because we have seen the tragedy of people ignored. We know that to care about people we also need to enrich their lives.

The thing about South Carolina’s Standards for Licensing In-Home Care Providers is that they deal with the practicalities of care. We understand that their brief is health and safety, and we stick to these standards rigorously. People need more though, and we cannot emphasize this enough. We take our standards for in-home caring further by bringing the human element into it. The South Carolina standards are created for patients, but first, we care for people and about people.

This is what Lucky Dove Home Care aims to do. We care about our clients and not just care for them. Care is about the heart. We say elsewhere that “Lucky Dove provides clients with a comprehensive continuum of care services which includes customized care plans that will provide the correct level of care at a time that is needed most.”

Elsewhere, we say this about our CEO, “He is fully committed and will continue to strive to be at the forefront to improve in-home caregiving by helping elderly and disabled people age right in the comfort of their own home.” In keeping with Jimmie’s approach our whole range of home care services which includes, companion care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, post-recovery surgery and rehab care as well as homemaking home care and live-in and overnight care, amongst other things is delivered with this idea at the forefront of our attitudes.

This all creates an unparalleled commitment to home care and home nursing. Not just caring for but caring about.

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