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Dementia Home Care: Why Choosing Lucky Dove Home Care is a Smart Choice

For seniors diagnosed with dementia, finding a suitable caregiver can be an intimidating task. Dementia home care demands specialized training, an empathetic approach, and careful monitoring. This is where Lucky Dove Home Care comes in – as a non-medical home care agency that caters to dementia patients, they offer unique solutions to the complexities of senior care.

What is Dementia Home Care?

Dementia home care refers to specialized services offered by trained professionals to dementia patients in their homes. Unlike institutional care, where patients live in a facility, home care enables them to continue living in a familiar and comfortable environment, where they have greater independence and control over their daily routine.

A good dementia caregiver has extensive knowledge of the disease, empathy towards the patients, and can adjust to the changes in their behaviour and communication. They are responsible for monitoring the patient’s medication, personal hygiene, meal preparation, transportation, and companionship.

The Lucky Dove Home Care Advantage

Lucky Dove Home Care is a trusted name in the senior care industry. They offer personalized care plans that address the unique needs of each client, and take a holistic approach towards improving their quality of life. Here’s what makes them the go-to dementia home care provider:

Specialized Dementia Training

At Lucky Dove Home Care, caregivers undergo specialized training in dementia care, including recognizing signs and symptoms of the disease, understanding patient behavior and communication patterns, and managing common challenges. The agency ensures that their staff stays updated on the latest trends and research in dementia care through ongoing education and certification.

Personalized Care Plans

Lucky Dove Home Care understands that every client has unique care requirements. That’s why their team takes a customized approach to designing care plans. Each plan is tailored to the patient’s medical condition, daily routine, and personal preferences. The agency’s goal is to provide individualized care that allows the patient to remain comfortable and maintain their independence.

Family-Centered Approach

Lucky Dove Home Care understands that families play an integral role in a patient’s care journey. Therefore, their care plans include family input and active participation. This collaborative approach promotes a sense of trust and transparency between the caregivers, patients, and families, and helps build strong relationships.


Dementia home care is an expensive investment, and not all families can afford it. Lucky Dove Home Care believes that high-quality care should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, they offer affordable care packages without compromising on the quality of service. They also accept most insurance providers and work with families to help them get maximum coverage.

Safety and Security

Dementia patients can be at risk of wandering, falls, and other safety hazards. Lucky Dove Home Care’s team is trained to create a safe environment for patients by identifying potential hazards, and taking preventative measures. The agency conducts a comprehensive background check of all its staff to ensure the patient’s safety and security.